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Subscriptions to Vidya, may be requested by downloading the linked order form.

1.  Download and fill out the form.
2.  Save it to your desktop.
3.  Open your email program.
4.  Email a message to info@theosophysb.org and attach the order form pdf document you saved on your desktop and filled out in Acrobat.

Alternatively, print out the form and mail it to:

Vidya Subscriptions,
1407 Chapala St.,
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

  Contents page from the current Vidya publication—  
  Winter 2016, Vol. XX No. 1  

The Golden Chain
The Four Golden Links
Universal Unity and Causation
Reverence and Responsibility
The Eternal Pilgrim
The Grand Work
The Watchers
Reason and Intuition
Altruism of The Secret Doctrine
The Spiritual Basis of Social Service
Whisperings of Buddhi


Contents page from previous issues—

  Winter / Spring 2015  

Law vs Miracle
Kinship of Faiths
Honouring the Teachers
The Word Was God
Learning From Within
Renunciation of Action
On the Nature of Reality: Einstein in Conversation with Tagore
The Essence of Things
Teachings of Buddhism
The Cycle Moveth
The Lesson of the Plain Path
Pillars of Sacrifice

  Autumn 2014

The Royal Road
Transmission of the Divine Gnosis
Teachers of Ancient Wisdom
Freedom From Fetters
King Lear: A Study In Karma
To All I Am Bounden

  Summer 2014    

The True Pilgrim
He Who Would Valiant Be
Spiritual Discipline
Cyclic Progress
The Renewal of Vision
Theosophy As Science


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