Crosbie Hall, 326 West Sola Street
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 965-3917

Summer 2019

 Sundays, 8:15 P.M.


  7  Theosophical Brotherhood
14  Twelve Nidanas
21  Dreams and Creativity
28  The Symbol of the Caduceus*


  4  The Pledge of Kwan-Yin
11  Sages and Avatars
18  Devotion Through Music
25  The Three Fates*


  1  Three Kinds of Memory
  8  The Philosophy of Pico della Mirandola
15  The Path—A Razor’s Edge
22  Cycles: Growth and Transformation
29  The Ethics of Confucius*

*Meetings devoted to general questions.

Meetings are free and open to all, and the Lodge is supported solely by voluntary contributions in time, money and work. The Lodge offers the journal VIDYA for those seeking the path of spiritual self-regeneration in the service of humanity.


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